About Planet Shops

About PlanetShops
With our speciality web stores, unique retailer partner relationships and growing sales, PlanetShops is one of the largest provider of products for the home, garden and family. We are always looking for ways to improve and we really do care about what you think so please get in touch here as we genuinely appreciate any comments you want to make.

Huge Selection
Unlike other retailers (online or in the bricks and mortar world) we don’t limit our product selection: because of our limitless shelf space (leverage the power of our suppliers’ capacities), our stores offer an incredible level of choice. Our store managers are constantly searching for new, exciting products to offer and every day they work to improve the shopping experience at our stores.

Great Service
Each of our stores offers a simple shopping experience that makes it easy for customers to find exactly what they are looking for. Through our retailer partners, Next day delivery or day of choice delivery is available on 10,000’s of products and our friendly customer service team is available to quickly resolve any customer enquiries.

Good Value
Due to our unique relationships and our smart selections we are able to show a huge range of products at highly competitive prices without compromising on service.

Shop with confidence through our retail partners, safe in the knowledge that all transactions are processed via encrypted payment gateways.

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